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NUS Statistics Module Review: ST4231 Computer Intensive Statistical Methods

this module is a core requirement for statistics undergraduates. this module teaches you complex stuff such as generating random numbers, variance reduction techniques, Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC), classification and others. you deal with quite a lot of mathematical symbols, matrices and what not.

the lecturer was a lecturer i met in one of my previous modules and i did not really like the style of his teaching and assessments. hence, my opinion might just be somewhat biased. nonetheless, while taking this module, i feel as though i am swimming in deep waters. the things you learn are somewhat abstract at times and tutorials might take some time to finish. the assignment was a complete waste of time and effort to be honest.. i felt like i did not learn anything from it. think the lecturer was trying to spark interest among students in that kind of research.. but obviously did not work for me. do not fret if you struggle in the exam papers since most would.

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