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Online Course Review: Piranha Profits: Forex Trading Course Level 1 – Pip Fisher by Adam Khoo

This course is a fantastic course to say the least. Adam has once again delivered a great course that shares with you his practical methods on winning the forex markets.

Of course, Adam’s Forex training won’t work without you. You need to put in the work. You can’t expect to go through a few videos and all of a sudden you’re a master. You have to learn and practice and learn and practice again and again. That sentence doesn’t even structure well but you get my message. You have to put in the work and you will win the markets.

The Foundation
Adam starts off by introducing Forex and what it is. The first video covers the basics of Forex, the definition and concepts you need to understand to build a solid foundation.

The next few videos covers how you actually make money through Forex. It’s not the actual system itself but the entire philosophy of trading. You see, whenever you’re gambling at the casino (I won’t judge), you win and you lose. Those losses are the edge the Casino needs to make money. It’s those tiny micro losses that give the Casino the edge it needs to make millions a year.

The Strategies
The next set of videos covers not 1 but 3 of his strategies to making a profit in Forex. This is where the techniques come in. You identify certain areas in the market which you can make a tidy profit. Essentially, you’re buying on the dip. When the market retraces back to it’s setup, that’s when you jump in, set your orders and profit like a boss.

The Mindset
Finally, Adam finishes the course by sharing with you the traits of successful traders. You see, trading is a mind game. You have to really master your mind if you want to succeed in the markets. You can’t do what I do and go emo every time you make a loss. You’ll end up making less money, blowing up your account and consider going back to stripping in the clubs … hey we all need to pay the rent right?

Overall, Adam Khoo has done it again and released a great course that teaches anyone how to trade the Forex markets. If you take this course with the expectation that you’ll make money over night, you’ll be disappointed. You have to manage your own expectations that Forex is simply a skill that needs to be mastered. It will take time.