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Online Course Review: Piranha Profits: Forex Trading Course Level 2 – Pip Netter by Adam Khoo

Of course, Adam’s Forex training won’t work without you. You need to put in the work. You can’t expect to go through a few videos and all of a sudden you’re a master. You have to learn and practice and learn and practice again and again. That sentence doesn’t even structure well but you get my message. You have to put in the work and you will win the markets.

The Foundation

The same way works with Forex trading, you may lose more than you win but your wins are greater than your average losses which is your edge in the market. Tiny edges add up and thus over the long run, you will be profitable.

This may seem like a backward type of thinking but it’s true. Check it out and you’ll know what i’m talking about.

The Strategies

These forex techniques uses the 15 minute chart which to me is hardcore. I’m used to trading the Daily chart because I like to just leave my trades on during the day and not watch it but with the 15 minute chart, you keep checking. Of course, everyone has their own trading style but it’s good to know that if you’re trading on the 15 minute chart, there will always be an opportunity every day, every moment, every time (that’s a song by the way).

The Mindset

Then the last last video, Adam shares with you the importance of building a trading plan. You have to treat your Forex trading like a business. You need a plan and a guide that will help you navigate your way out of those emotional turmoil and traps traders go through. A trading plan lets you look at your trading process from a logical point of view. The is key in succeeding in the markets. Detaching your emotions from the market and viewing it from a logical and statistical perspective.

Overall, Adam Khoo has done it again and released a great course that teaches anyone how to trade the Forex markets. If you take this course with the expectation that you’ll make money over night, you’ll be disappointed. You have to manage your own expectations that Forex is simply a skill that needs to be mastered. It will take time.