A+ NTU Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Courseware + Full Module Package



The most complete collection course materials with many courses to choose from! With this exclusive package, you’ll be able to study like an student at your own pace! As an alumni myself, this resources allow me to better prepare myself for examinations and gives me the chance to be exposed to new courses!

CB1117 Engineering Mathematics
CB1131 Introduction to Biomolecular Engineering
CB2102 Organic Chemistry for Engineers
CBC811 Forensic Science
CH1005 Materials Science
CH1011 Introduction to Programming
CH1020 Physical Chemistry
CH1104 Materials and Energy Balances
CH1108 Thermodynamics
CH2007 Computational Methods
CH2103 Fluid Systems
CH2104 Heat & Mass Transfer
CH2801 Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
CH3102 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CH3103 Chemical Thermodynamics
CH3141 Chemical Eng Unit Operations A
CH4101 Chemical, Biological & Plant Safety
CH4106 Formulation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Dosage Form
CH4213 Pharmacokinetics & Biopharmaceutics
CH4241 Surface Science in Catalysis & Nanotechnology
CH4250 Polymers for Nanotechnology
CH4306 Bioanalytical Techniques
CH4405 Catalysts & Surface Science
CH4902 Human Resource Management
CM8001 Impact of Chemistry on Society
EE8093 Energy Devices for Sustainable Urban Environment
HW0188 Effective Communication
HW0210 Technical Communication
MH1810 Math 1
NTU CBE Lab Work Y1 to Y2
CS8100 Fundamentals of Communication Studies
SS1006 Exercise & Sport Physiology

What you will get (might vary from module to module):

1. Lecture Notes
2. Tutorial Questions & Answers
3. Individual Assignment
4. Group Project
5. Mid Terms
6. Finals Examination
7. Past Year Papers
8. Own Notes & Cheatsheet
9. Readings
10. Textbook

Psst! We give you whatever we have and did for the module (no point in us holding back notes right, since we already graduated)!

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