A+ NUS Information Security Courseware + Full Module Package



The most complete collection course materials with many courses to choose from! With this exclusive package, you’ll be able to study like an student at your own pace! As an alumni myself, this resources allow me to better prepare myself for examinations and gives me the chance to be exposed to new courses!

CS1231 Discrete Structures
CS1231R Discrete Structures
CS1231S Discrete Structures
CS2040 Data Structures & Algorithms
CS2040C Data Structures and Algorithms
CS2040S Data Structures and Algorithms
CS2100 Computer Organisation
CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professionals
CS2113 Software Engineering and Object Oriented Programming
CS2105 Introduction to Computer Networks
CS2106 Introduction to Operating Systems
CS2107 Introduction to Information and System Security
CS3235 Computer Security
CS4236 Cryptography Theory and Practice
MA4261 Coding and Cryptography
MA1521 Calculus for Computing
ST2334 Probability and Statistics

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Module notes may vary from module to module:

1. Own Notes
2. Tutorial Work
3. Individual Assignment
4. Group Project Work
5. Self-made Cheat Sheet
6. Readings
7. Lab Work
8. Exam notes
9. E-Textbook

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