Mindvalley Course: Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas




How To Break Negative Relationship Patterns & Open Your Heart To Love Again
Introducing Conscious Uncoupling to Heal Your Heart, Reclaim Your Power, and Live Happily Even After
Conscious Uncoupling is a simple 5-step method to guide you through the process of getting through a breakup.
Whether you’re fresh off a breakup, on the verge of a breakup, or still struggling with past breakup wounds, Conscious Uncoupling will show you how to heal from the end of a relationship so you can move forward in peace.
This step-by-step method empowers you – with or without the cooperation and support of your former partner – to honor the love that was shared and move on, free to love and be loved again.
No matter how challenging the circumstances are surrounding your breakup.
You will navigate the end of your relationship with grace, dignity and goodwill. And you’ll experience profound levels of healing and heart-repair.
What You’ll Learn
– Protect yourself (and your children if you have them) from further harm
– Learn to navigate your breakup with dignity, honor and respect, with or without your former partner’s cooperation.
– Resolve obsessive resentment and rage
– Use one essential tool to so you come to a place of true freedom and completion within your heart.
– Wake up to your worthiness to love and be loved
– Even if the person you love is not loving you back in the ways you need them to, you can still reclaim and retain your self-worth through this 5-step process.
– Come to a place of deep inner peace
– Resolve your unresolved grief, resentment, guilt, shame, anger or hurt.
– Graduate from any painful, recurring relational patterns
– Discover how to turn your heartache into your strength and seize the possibilities you hold for health, happiness and well-being in love moving forward.
– Restore deep confidence in yourself
– Learn to trust yourself in love and decisions again, knowing you will never, ever again make the same mistakes.
– Awaken your power for true happiness in love
– Discover authentic forgiveness for yourself and others so you can enter your next relationship free of past relationship hurts.

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