Negotiating and Closing Masterclass by Grant Cardone




Life is a series of negotiations. In every situation you face, either business, job or personal life. From buying a house, closing a sale, negotiating a lease, contracting business services, asking for a raise, to even something like a divorce – every major transaction requires negotiation skills.

The Negotiating and Closing Master Class video course will give you a multitude of strategies to use in any situation. Remember, personal or business situations all require negotiation, even deciding which restaurant to eat dinner at with your spouse!

You’ll know, understand and have the types, styles, and tactics of negotiation to use from this course. Grant will give you actual negotiation tactics to study and implement. You learn negotiations such as the One Thing, Selfish Child, White Flag and others that form the top seven tactics that premiere salespeople employ to be massively successful in sales.

And, you’ll get twenty powerful closing strategies you need to know to finish your deal once you’ve successfully negotiated it.

You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you negotiate. So, the better you learn to negotiate, the better you’ll do in life!

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