NUS Law Textbooks




Big McKendrick 5th Ed (OUTDATED – now 8th)
Chitty-on-Contracts (vol 1)-with-Second-Supplement (32nd ed.)
Chitty-on-Contracts (vol 2)-with-Second-Supplement (32nd ed.)
Edwin Peel – Treitel The Law of Contract (2015, Sweet _ Maxwell Ltd)
Mindy Chen (4th ed.) (OUTDATED – now 6th)
Small Phang
PCRC Report
YMC 2nd ed.
Fisch _ Paul – Getting to Maybe (edited for print)
Neumann – Legal Reasoning and Legal Writing (7th Edition)
Clerk _ Lindsell on Torts (20th Ed., 2010)
The-Law-of-Torts-in-Singapore (2nd ed)

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