Paul Baron – Amazon Reviews On Autopilot




Why do I need Amazon Reviews on Autopilot?

Maybe you don’t. If your Amazon store is already rife with business and new customers pouring in every day, this workshop might not be the right investment for you.


If you’re not interested in utilizing new technologies and don’t feel like learning anything new, this probably isn’t how you want to spend your time. And that’s okay.


But if you’re struggling to get all the traffic you want, need to build and grow your customer base, and want better results in a shorter amount of time—this is definitely something worth considering.


It’s a program that takes a few hours, not a few weeks. Amazon Reviews on Autopilot also makes use of tech that not everyone will be comfortable with: Chatbots.


I’d never used them before, and they made me nervous. I worried my customers wouldn’t get consistently good care—something I pride myself on. I learned:


How and why to best use chatbots, which totally put me at ease.
Setting up chatbots for the best results.
Using Facebook messenger to connect with potential customers effectively.
Why and how to use funneling. This is huge!

Plus they give you a lot to work with, including:

Their own methods for lead generation.
Access to a private Facebook group that’s AWESOME for networking and brainstorming.
Sample scripts and tutorials in pdf form. A time saver, for sure!
Templates that you can use for any business or product type.
This was an investment for us, we’re not rolling in cash. But since I went through this workshop, I have a much clearer sense of my customers. Better still, now that my chatbots are up and running I have more time to do my own thing. And my sales are growing every week.

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