The Darkside by Russell Brunson




What I’m about to tell you about is going to make some people mad…
In fact, there will be people who unsubscribe from my list because of this letter.
But I don’t care anymore.
This needs to be said.
There are strategies that I have been secretly using to drive an insane amount of traffic to my websites to make more money per week then most people make in a year.
I’ve wanted to share these secrets with you, but every time I start, “THEY” ask me to stop.
You need to know, there are easier ways to drive traffic that work better than…
Truth be known, a select group of people have been ‘printing money on demand’ using these secrets. So, why have you never heard about them before…?
Because the dark side is so misunderstood the upper echelon of online millionaires have tried to keep it a secret
In fact, I was even scared to try it until I was introduced to them by a close friend (I’ll call him Mr. X for now) about 14 months ago.
I’ll tell you that story in a minute, but first,
…while there is nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about what I’m about to show you… to use these “black hat” tactics, you do need to be comfortable stepping into the dark side…
If you’re ready for change, and want something that works FAST, please click on this link now:
Yes Russell, Please Show Me The ‘Dark Side’ Of DotComSecrets >>
But remember, every single waking moment that passes while you operate without having the secrets from the “Dark Side” of DotComSecrets at your disposal, is a moment you are working harder than necessary, and you are cheating yourself of profits that you could be making.

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