Vid Summit 2017 by Gary Vaynerchuk and Dan Lok




Where The Worlds Top Influencers, Video Marketers And Brands Reveal Everything They Know About Turning Videos Into Sales – Featuring Gary Vaynerchuk and 30+ Other High-Level Speakers

5-9 pm – Event Registration & Check-in
6-8 pm – VidSummit Kickoff & Networking

Wednesday – October 11th
8 am – Event Registration & Check-in
8 am Theater – Owen Hemsath, Cross Platform Optimization & Promotion To Grow Audience
8 am Westchester – Jeremy Vest, Boosting Website Traffic With Facebook Live
Facebook Live strategies that led to 40 million website visitors on Car and Driver

9 am Main Ballroom – Derral Eves & Shonduras, VidSummit 2017 Welcome
9:10 am Main Ballroom – Luria Petrucci, Advanced LIVE Video Marketing Strategies
9:10 am Theater – Travis Chambers, Facebook Ad Targeting: Reaching The Right People

9:10 am Westchester – Rob Sandie, Data Driven Decisions: How To Really Explode YouTube Channel & Business

10:00 am Main Ballroom – Derral Eves, Creative Tactics to Leverage The YouTube Algorithm
10:00 am Westchester -Cyrene Q, Weaving Creativity into Your Branded Content
10:00 am Theater – Michael Ronen, Engage Your Audience With The Latest AI/AR

11 am Main Ballroom – Gary Vaynerchuk, Keynote Address – Gary Vaynerchuck

1:30 pm Main Ballroom – Ricky Ray Butler, Things That Both Brands & Influencers Should Know About Working With One Another

1:30 pm Theater -Dan Lok, How To Make Big Money From A Small Channel
Dan Lok is one of the highest-paid and most-in-demand consultants in the luxury and high-ticket space.

2:20 pm Main Ballroom – A Changing Digital Landscape: How To Stay Ahead

3:15 pm Main Ballroom – Joel Comm, Future of Live Streaming and How it Affects You & Your Content

3:15 pm Westchester – Rachel Farnsworth,Growing, Leveraging & Monetizing a Facebook Audience

3:15 pm Theater – Bryant Garvin, Video Campaigns strategies That Lead to 1 Billion Valuation

4:05 pm Main Ballroom – Judy & Benji Travis, Sean Cannell, Balancing YouTube Growth & Family Life Without Going Crazy
How to let down your guard, connect with your audience and build a community

4:05 pm Theater – Matthew Faraci, Getting The Worldwide Media to Cover Your Content

4:05 pm Westchester – Mark Robertson, Facebook Hacks that Every YouTuber Should Use

4:55 pm Main Ballroom – Shaun McBride, ShondurasMaking the Brand The Hero

Thursday – October 12th
8 am Westchester – Jon Penberthy, How to Generate 7 Figures A Year With Simple 5 Minute Videos

8 am Theater – Peter Hollens, Collaborations: How To Work Together To Create Massive Success

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