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PSB University of Newcastle Business Review: MKTG3040 SERVICES MARKETING

Service industries dominate advanced economies. Services Marketing examines the differences between the marketing of goods and services and extends the traditional strategic marketing mix to include additional elements appropriate to the distinct features of services. Other topics include internal marketing, managing evidence, relationship marketing, services and globalisation, quality service delivery and measurement and service customisation. Independently and collaboratively, students engage in Services Marketing inquiry and research developing valued problem solving and decision making attributes.

1. Demonstrate an extended understanding of the similarities and differences in service-based and physical product based marketing activities;

2. Demonstrate a knowledge of the extended marketing mix for services;

3. Develop and justify marketing planning and control systems appropriate to service-based activities;

4. Specify, analyse and select markets for specific service products;

5. Prepare, communicate and justify marketing mixes and information systems for service-based organisations;

6. Demonstrate integrative knowledge of marketing issues associated with service productivity, perceived quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty

7. Exhibit the capability to work effectively within a team environment.

8. Apply relevant services marketing theory, research and analysis skills to contemporary case studies and communicate outcomes employing professional discourse and formats.

9. Conduct an investigation of service delivery systems, collecting, analysing data, and synthesising information to provide valid conclusions.

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