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PSB University of Newcastle Business Review: MNGT3002 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT

Knowledge is a distinct key to competitive business advantage. Knowledge Management sensitizes you to the importance and practice of the development and management of non-tangible worth (principally human-based knowledge) in modern organizations. The need for reciprocal concern for both structures and processes is important for dealing with organizational change and development. Recognizing graduate needs expressed by industry, the development and application of both technical and people management skills within Knowledge Management environments is emphasised.

Critical discussion and analysis of key theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management enhances problem solving and communication attributes valued within the profession.

1. Explain the key theories and models that inform knowledge management

2. Critically apply theory to organisations in order to identify and justify effective knowledge management strategies and activities

3. Apply theory related to creative organisations

4. Access and evaluate current literature and research findings relating to knowledge management

5. Communicate clearly and effectively incorporating varying formats and technologies

6. Design problem solutions based upon research findings and critical assessment of current theory and practice

7. Reflect upon different knowledge management paradigms and their value to the organisation

8. Inform your practice by understanding the ethical and legal implications in managing knowledge

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