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Scribd Review (2021): Is Scribd Worth It?

Scribd is an audiobook and ebook subscription service that is rapidly gaining popularity. However, to those new to the world of audiobooks, Scribd may be unfamiliar.

In my Scribd review, I will outline what is available on the app, whether it offers good value for money and a comparison against other similar digital reading subscriptions.

Now let me give you a bit of background as to how I discovered Scribd.

I had always been a fervent believer that physical books were superior to ebooks and I hadn’t been able to get into audiobooks since I was a child. In my mind, nothing could beat the feeling of holding a really great book in your hands and flipping each physical page to the end.

Scribd App Reading Experience
The Scribd app reading experience is customisable so you can change the font, the alignment of the text, the line spacing, the scroll direction, the font size, the background colour, the brightness and more. Every edit you could possibly want to make, you can make.

You can add highlight your favourite quotes and add notes to your books, which all appear under the “notebook” tab so you can easily scroll through them later. You can even turn your highlighted quote into a shareable square image with Scribd’s branding on it.

It’s easy to move between chapters, to skip backwards and forwards and you can also adjust the reading speed of audio content.

My favourite feature, which apps like Audible lack, is Scribd tells you what percentage of the book you have completed as well as how much time there is left or how many pages there are. Whilst Audible will tell you the latter, it does not tell you the former, which I find very useful and motivating.

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