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SMU Accountancy Review, Full Courseware Package & Module Bundle

As a strategic advisor, you should possess sound accounting knowledge and an understanding of its applicability across different disciplines. The SMU BAcc degree offers a rigorous curriculum that delivers the right balance of technical skills and broad-based education for our students. This cross-disciplinary approach enables you to gain an appreciation of the applicability of accounting knowledge across all fields.

To complete the SMU BAcc programme, students need to complete 36 modules consisting of Accounting Core courses (Accounting and Business Subjects), Accounting Electives, SMU Core Curriculum courses (Capabilities, Communities and Civilisations) and Free Electives from any other course of study. As part of the SMU Core Curriculum requirements, students are also expected to complete the SMU Internship programme and a minimum of 80 hours of Community Service. Students will also need to embark on at least one global exposure experience before graduating.

The technical component of the BAcc curriculum consists of 18 Accounting Core and 3 Accounting Electives modules. The Accounting Core provides students with all the required technical knowledge to function as a professional accountant. Students who are interested in specialised areas and new emerging issues can select from a range of Accounting Electives, giving them the flexibility to pursue deeper knowledge in their preferred accounting area or broaden their accounting skill sets.

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