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SMU Business Accountancy Module Review: COR1701 Critical Thinking in the Real World

Kind prof. Open to helping. Even willing to spend Saturday to do consultations if there is no choice. Prof YG tries to help for CP by calling names out to answer his questions during the lecture. There are ample opportunities for CP. Pretty interesting class but it can be difficult to follow once you lose focus for a few moments as he can go quite fast. There will be an exercise to be done every lesson where he will use the last hour to let you do it by yourself. He will go through answers for some of the questions before class ends. The deadline for the exercise is probably 1 day before the next lesson. He looks like a stern and strict person but is surprisingly kind and lenient. He will email to prompt people to submit and accepts late submissions. If you did badly for the exercise he will just ask you to redo. Exercise accounts for 20% of the grades. Can be obtained very easily.

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