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SMU Business Accountancy Module Review: MGMT005 VUCA Managing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

Non-biz students may struggle a little more with the business jargon and sometimes it can get a little frustrating. Thankfully there is a lot of group work so there should at least be one biz student in your group to tank the biz analysis e.g five forces and SWAT. The group work is very manageable and is likely the component that will save your ass. The two articles to be read before class each week are long and boring but honestly you should be able to finish both of them in 2h max (and that includes reading closely and understanding fully). Also hint for those who are choosing articles to present: the first article is more complex and difficult while second article is usually much much easier. Individual essay where you apply concept to your life is a breeze. Finals are the killer – closed book and it is when you can’t really fluff your way through anymore. Overall, quite useless and inapplicable IRL but if you have a good prof you can leave with an A anyways.

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