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SMU Module Review: ECON226 Urban Economics

This was a really rough module for me. The workload in terms of submissions isn’t heavy – but the topic is extremely challenging and studying for the graded components are not easy. The notes provided are not fantastic, and (ungraded) homework is hard to complete – furthermore the only answers you receive are the ones written on the board by other students, which are either wrong (with bare minimum of corrections provided by prof) or just not the model/correct answer. Learning from these is hard. Revisions are gruelling. The topic itself is broad-reaching and features various sections that are not necessarily correlated or linked which makes studying all the more harder besides the aforementioned disorganised nature of the course materials – it is very difficult to bounce back if you slip for a week due to other modules, projects etc. A challenging mod. Do not go for it if you are doing 5 mods.

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