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SMU Module Review: LAW102 Contract Law 2

Contracts are the foundation of commercial life. This course aims to equip students with a firm appreciation of the unique character of contracts as a form of voluntary undertakings. By examining the concepts relating to the formation, performance, discharge of contract and remedies for breach of contract, the student will be sensitized to the role of the law in facilitating commerce, respecting legitimate expectations, and guarding against unfair exploitation of economic or social weakness. The study of the subject will also provide students with an excellent opportunity to observe, evaluate and critique developments in the law as it responds to the fast-changing and dynamic environment of the world of commerce. This course follows on from LAW101 – CONTRACT LAW 1 in which students will have been introduced to some of the foundational topics in contract. In LAW102 – CONTRACT LAW 2, we will complete our survey of these foundational topics, and focus on the detailed application of these rules, and how they have been statutorily modified, in relation to one particular category of contracts, namely, contracts for the sale of goods.

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