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SMU Module Review: LAW104 Legal Studies, Legal Methods and Analysis

This course has two aims: to provide a broad overview of the Singapore legal system; and to familiarise students with the basic legal skills of case analysis and statutory interpretation. Where the Singapore legal system is concerned, topics to be covered include: legal history (and its sociopolitical and economic implications); the reception and applicability of English law; sources of law; judicial precedent; separation of powers (the legislature, the executive and the judiciary); parliament and law-making; the judicial system; legal education and the legal profession; alternative dispute resolution; legal culture; autochthonous legal development; and the relationship between the Singapore legal system and the international legal system. As for legal method and analysis, students will learn about common law reasoning and development through a detailed study of selected cases, and how the courts interpret statutes through a detailed study of selected statutes and cases. 

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