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SMU Module Review: MGMT237 Corporate Strategy

This builds on the course ‘Strategy’.  Corporate strategy is the pattern of decision-making that determines a firm’s goals and objectives, produces principal policies, defines the range of business to pursue, and pertains to the overall plan for a diversified firm.  A firm’s corporate strategy acts as both a catalyst for and a constraint on the strategies of its business units.  If the business strategies do not support the firm’s corporate strategy, synergy becomes impossible.  Therefore, this progression reinforces the inextricable link between business strategy and corporate strategy, with cases of business integration, strategic alliances, corporate diversification, and mergers and acquisitions.  Drawing on these factors, the major objective of this course is to help student to understand: 1) conditions under which different types of corporate strategy have the potential to create (economic and social) value, competitive and corporate advantages; and 2) organizational and managerial systems that must be in place in order to realize this potential value creation.

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