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SMU Module Review: STAT151 Introduction to Statistical Theory

I was pre-assigned STAT151 (Now COR-STAT1203) in AY1920 Term 1 (Your mileage may vary). The course is meant to provide you with a basic understanding of statistics, as Economics is heavily tied with statistics. From my interactions with my peers, different Professors teach the module differently. Basic probability is necessary for statistics, so both are usually covered. However, different some Professors place a greater emphasis on probability and covers more topics in that field while others do the minimum and focus more on Statistics. Having done statistics before would be good, but not necessarily advantageous. Instead of having a graphing calculator to compute like in the past, most of the calculation done now are purely by formulae. Being comfortable with numbers and solving equations is much more beneficial as many of the concepts will always be new, so being able to comfortably understand them is key.

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